So, I don’t have a good excuse and clearly I am running late on my new years resolutions. But here I am, with a lot to share, so let’s start most recent to past events.

Tara, Jeff’s sister, is here with us for a month working from her company’s Sao Paulo office. It has been a lovely few weeks for us with the addition of her smiling face in our apartment. Her visit gives us a good excuse to get out and see more of Sao Paulo and brings a lot of laughter into our home. Her husband, Thayne, came for a short visit and we made a trip out to the countryside. This weekend we’re headed to the beach!

I turned 30. So, I think that means I am an adult now. officially.

We started the weekend with a delicious dinner at our favorite spot Chou (mind you this is only the second time we’ve been). Simple, yet fresh and delicious with the perfect ambiance.

We then celebrated with a day out of the city with April and Jeff  in Embu das Artes. It is a small town only 45 minutes away full of arts and crafts shops and kiosks. You can see some pics from April here on her awesome and hilarious blog.

Then on Sunday we had a home-made dinner with Rance, Lone and Tara, which was lovely (complete with party hats as shown above).

We got internet in our house and a bank account! Slowly, but surely, things are settling.

We had a lovely New Years celebration, just the two of us, despite the rain in Florianopolis!

We had a truly wonderful and special Christmas at Fazenda Alfheim. It was complete with delicious, homegrown food, lots of games and as always, great conversations and laughs. We learned a few Danish traditions, read Twas the Night before Christmas, and sang Silent night in three languages (English, French and Danish). We relaxed a lot, took a dip in the waterfall, a hike up the river, and butchered our first chickens ourselves (Jeff and I that is). We even got to skype with our families with the addition of satellite internet at the farm! So, while nothing beats being home, we are so thankful for such wonderful friends to share the holiday with.

And, I will even go as far back as Thanksgiving . . . see the next post.

Stay tuned for more updates on our life in Brazil. Thanks for following and being patient with the sporadic updates.

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